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Spine Ramp:
An integrated ramp that raises and positions the spine for AXS® posture: The ramp is unique to our Pillow. It "positions" the person on the pillow so the neck can be supported while the head is sloped gently backward—but still raised above the spine.

The combination of the spine ramp and AXS® provides support where you need it the most…at the Atlas and Axis. This area of the spine is the most sensitive region to support as it is the most nerve and blood rich region of the entire spine! The ramp is there to create relaxation in the neck region, so that pain and stress relief can be felt throughout the upper back and shoulder areas.


Side Shoulder Rest:
This area has two features (1) for Back Sleepers and (2) for Side Sleepers. Unlike other snoring pillows on the market, not only does the ATLAS-T® Pillow allow you to sleep on your back, but it supports the shoulder blade area on a cloud of memory foam, while you are comfortably resting. Side Sleepers normally wake up with pain and stiffness in their shoulders from laying on them. The ATLAS-T® Pillow was designed to protect your shoulder from getting compressed against the mattress, by displacing the weight of your body into soft memory foam…ALL NIGHT LONG!


Side Head Rest:
The Side Head Rest is a combination of our Resilient Core Technology® covered by the most comfortably memory foam you can lay your head on. This patent pending design allows you to comfortable roll onto your side while sleeping without having to be uncomfortable, giving you a better night sleep. Let's face it; no one sleeps in one position all night long!


Resilient Core Technology®:
Foam Our High Resilient, High Density, MDI based molded foam provides for robust base foam which will maintain extremely high resiliency over the life of the product with minimal evidence of compression set (Height loss). MDI also has the highest "comfort factor" test results. Comfort factor relates to resistance to collapse. MDI formulas have the best resistance to Compression set. At 3.2 lb./cu./ft. our foam has 1.5 times the material as compared to standard cut foam. These factors all contribute to a soft surface feel while providing the proper support overall. These same factors also translate to product longevity. Our Visco Elastic Memory foam is true, temperature sensitive foam at approx. 4.5- 5.0 lb./cu./ft. based on NASA material specs, not regular foam with retardants to slow resiliency.

Varying foam densities allow the Pillow and body to work in unison. Firm density foam provides resistance to the body to maximize neck support and maintain correct AXS posture. Soft density foam allows pliability for the body to mold the Pillow for comfort in all other areas. The AXS Pillow is taking this queue from the body's natural design of having longer, less thinner muscles in areas where we need pliability (think derrière), and denser, harder muscles where we need support and resistant forces (think arm and legs). We have the only pillow that integrates different foam densities like the body.


A soft, supporting head rest is located superior to behind the AXS area piece. This feature "gently and comfortably" transfers all the weight of the head, thus decompressing the neck muscles. Taking pressure of the neck while providing superior support to the most sensitive area of the spine with the AXS creates full relaxation in the neck region, so pain and stress relief can be felt throughout the entire area. Unlike other orthopedic pillows, this design provides maximum comfort by allowing the head to turn to either side and still breathe properly and freely.



Atlanto-Axial Support AKA "AXS"
A "precise", patented 16 degree angle that supports the top two vertebrae of your spine. 16 degrees is the most effective angle to support the neck in relation to the spine for maximizing airway patency per findings supported by chiropractic and medical research(1,2) as well as CT scans(3) performed and read by an independent radiologist. This angle is designed to take the weight of your head off the neck and shoulder area allowing the muscles of the neck, face, and shoulder to achieve full relaxation.

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The ATLAS-T® Pillow is a FDA Class I listed device.

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3 Groteke E., Lord J. Snoring: The Relationship Between Sleeping Posture and Airways. An Unpublished, Private Study 01/01/08.


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