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Say Goodbye to BACK and NECK PAIN once and for all.

Headaches and Neck Pain keeping you up at night?… ATLAS-T®, research shows by sleeping on your back or on your side in the “ATLAS-T® position” will reduce your neck pain and headaches!

3 Problems Why You Are Not Getting To Sleep:
1. Your posture is one of the most valuable assets you possess, if you don’t invest in it you may be taking more risk than you know. Did you know that your posture affects every function of your body from breathing to hormonal production? Yes, your body’s autonomic regulation (your nervous system) is intimately connected with your posture. Hormonal product includes Serotonin…the hormone that is responsible for you to go to sleep in a relaxed state.

2. Regular bed pillows hold your head and neck in a forward and unsupported state, resulting in a loss of the natural curve of your neck. Your neck is curved for a reason…to support your head with strength. Engineers make bridges and roadways with this natural arch for a reason, because it adds strength and support. That’s why doctor’s recommend the ATLAS-T® Pillow over any other orthopedic pillow on the market!

3. Your Chiropractic or Osteopath manipulates the Atlas vertebrae to relieve headaches and neck pain, why not support it all night long for relief and well being?

The ATLAS-T® Pillow comfortably not only raises your head and neck in a natural C-Shape but also supports your mid-back and shoulder blades for superior comfort! There are other health benefits to this position like improving circulation and reducing pinched nerves.



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