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Resilient Core Technology (RCT) is the highest quality multi-density foam core system as demonstrated in the diagram to the right.

While laying on one's back the ATLAS-T® is designed to maintain 16 degrees between the cervico-cranial junction which widens airway openings to alleviate snoring.

Varying foam densities allow the Pillow and body to work in unison. Firm density foam provides resistance to the body to maximize neck support and maintain correct AXS posture. Soft density foam allows pliability for the body to mold the Pillow for comfort in all other areas. The AXS Pillow is taking this queue from the body's natural design of having longer, less thinner muscles in areas where we need pliability, and denser, harder muscles where we need support and resistant forces (think arm and legs). We have the only pillow that integrates different foam densities like the body.


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